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Microchip's TDGL017 - chipKIT™ uC32 Development Board

Microchip's TDGL017 - chipKIT™ uC32 Development Board

chipKIT™ uC32 by Digilent is an easy-to-use platform for developing microcontroller-based applications. ChipKIT uses a modified version of the original Arduino™ IDE for compatibility with existing code examples, tutorials and resources. Pin-compatible with many Arduino shields that can operate at 3.3V. More...

  • PIC32M340F512H processor
  • 512K Flash, 32K RAM
  • Up to 80 MHz operating speed
  • 42 available I/O lines
  • USB or externally powered
  • USB cable required for programming (not included)


Discount: 30%

Price: 19,50 EUR (without VAT)

The discount is conditional on the purchase of IQRF Breakout Board IQRF-BB-01 which enables easy development with ChipKIT platform.

Recommended equipment: TR-72DAT, DS-DPA-02, DS-START-04

Note: All IQRF equipment will be reduced with 30% discount for the IQRF Smart School program.


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