IQRF Smart School

Program for academic institutions

IQRF Alliance connects the world of research and education to the world of business and experience.
We provide research centres, high schools and universities with free of charge IQRF Alliance membership, e-learning materials, discounts on development tools and opportunity to participate on number of excellent events.
Join us, together we are smarter.

IQ Home sponsored products

IQ Home sponsored products

IQ HOME Universal Gateway

A Raspberry Pi based IQRF-Ethernet gateway wich can significantly reduce development time by giving a tested hardware platform and ready to use code examples. More...

IQRF Range Tester

The tester pair sends and receives packages to determinate the signal strength between the two desired installation points. More...

Temperature and humidity sensors

Ready to use DPA compatible, IQRF based, wireless, battery powered temperature and temperature+humidity sensors. More...

Sponsor: IQ Home

Discount: 30%

Price list for IQRF Smart School program

For ordering the discounted equipment in the IQRF Smart School program please contact the program manager at e-mail


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