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TR-5xB and TR-5xD series are going to be discontinued soon

21 April 2017

Due to discontinuation of key component MRF49XA (RF IC by Microchip), all TR-5xB and TR-5xD series are going to be discontinued soon. Recommended replacement: TR-7xD series.

"Dear Customers,

Thank you for understanding that we have to bring the news on such a short notice but we have to inform you that all of our modules in TR-5xDx and TR-5xBx line as well as all related products based on those modules are going to be discontinued very soon. As much as it was planned and discussed many times, the main reason for the decision is the discontinuation of the main components (namely MRF49XA from Microchip) for the modules, which only sped up the process and is the main reason why we have to make such a decision now.

We want to assure you that we are doing all we can to secure the stock and deliveries of the modules for all your orders that will be placed no later than 5th May 2017.

If it is however inevitable for you to start migrating from TR-5xDx or TR-5xBx to DCTR-7x modules (which as you know bring many advantages and better features together with security tools coming with OS 4.0 and all working with the same development tools) we are ready to support you with the process:

We give all our support to migration TR-5xDx and TR-5xBx to DCTR-7x . Our FAEs and support teams are ready to give maximum effort. You will get the same pricing conditions (SPA) for DCTR-7xDx as they had for (DC)TR-5xDx or TR-5xBx as initial support we offer 20 pcs. of DCTR-7x modules for very special price 5Eur/pc to all our customers forced to migrate.

We are sure that the whole process as much as sudden and difficult, especially at the transition phase, will only bring in time benefits to you. Once more we would like to thank for your understanding.

Should you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us."

Yours Microrisc team


- - -


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