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Program for academic institutions

IQRF Alliance connects the world of research and education to the world of business and experience.
We provide research centres, high schools and universities with free of charge IQRF Alliance membership, e-learning materials, discounts on development tools and opportunity to participate on number of excellent events.
Join us, together we are smarter.

Smart School Program

IQRF Smart School is a program for academic institutions - especially research centres and technical high schools and universities. This program enables students to easily catch the fast moving train of Internet of Things and M2M wireless communication.

Our mission

The purpose of this program is to provide students and educational institutions with all necessary tools, information and contacts to effectively learn and teach what is really moving the world forward these days – technologies and solutions for the Internet of Things.

Member´s quote

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Ing. Radko Sáblík,
Director of Smichovska SPS

Important links in our brain are gradually formed after our birth and affect quality of our consciousness. The new born era of Internet of Things wouldn't be possible without good connections between things and people provided by ecosystems such as IQRF.

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Ing. Ondřej Mandík,
Deputy Director of SPŠE Ječná

Our teachers use the IQRF technology not only for standard IoT classes but also for practical student projects. Thanks to this state-of-art technology and excellent documentation we have won national as well as international student competitions in the field of IT and electrotechnics..

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Ing. Martin Pieš,
Technical University of Ostrava

We use wireless IQRF technology for easy information transfer of monitored thermal processes data on the old mine dumps.

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Ivona Spurná,
Smart School Manager

I believe close cooperation generates big power. Let's make a well working trust of academic and business institutions to make this world smarter.


Free membership in the IQRF Alliance with all benefits of commercial alliance members.

Free access to the academic part of the Member zone of the IQRF Alliance.

The opportunity to participate in IQRF competitions and events.


Free online learning materials.

Development equipment usable for real development with at least 30% discount.

IQRF knowledge and skills student certification to enhance their value on the professional market.


Access to the cutting edge wireless IQRF technology used for Internet of Things.

Assistance in development of custom applications.

Opportunity to present student projects on the IQRF Smart School website.


IQRF Smart School marketing materials for school PR and promotion activities.

Promotion of schools on IQRF Alliance websites and events - raising the school prestige and awareness of students.

Worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge III


IQRF Alliance announces a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge III. "Test your skills, create a new application for the IQRF wireless technology and compete for valuable prizes"; this is a challenge for all technicians, programmers, developers, and students from all over the world.

The contest will begin on January 1, 2017 and close on May 21, 2017. The final competition of the best projects will be held in Prague in June 2017. IQRF development sets and tools are available with 30% discount for all participants thanks to the the program IQRF Smart School.

This contest is organized in cooperation with several European technical Universities and many respected expert journals and institutions. Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has involved this contest in the official list of important competitions that are beneficial to high schools. The main sponsor is MICRORISC s.r.o. with a support of AAEON, Netio, Microsoft, and Protronix.


Start of the contest: 1. 1. 2017
End of the contest: 21.5. 2017
Final presentations and awards: June 2017 (will be specified later)

Detailed information on IQRF Wireless Challenge III

More documents regarding the contest can be downloaded from IQRF Wireless Challenge webpage.


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Recommended development kit

Complete set for wireless connection to the Internet of Things

Complete set for wireless connection to the Internet of Things

Content: DS-DPA-02, DDC-SE-01, GW-ETH-02A (72D), TY-A6A, DK-PWR-01 Sponsor: MICRORISC s.r.o. Discount: 30% on HW Price: 299 EUR (without VAT) All… (more)

Microchip's TDGL017 - chipKIT™ uC32 Development Board

Microchip's TDGL017 - chipKIT™ uC32 Development Board

chipKIT™ uC32 by Digilent is an easy-to-use platform for developing microcontroller-based applications. ChipKIT uses a modified version of the… (more)

Combined sensor NL-IQRF-CO2+RH+T, with web analytics

Combined sensor NL-IQRF-CO2+RH+T, with web analytics

Content: Combined sensor NL-IQRF-CO2+RH+T Sponsor: Protronix s.r.o. (HW), ESL s.r.o. (analytics) Discount: 30% on HWPrice: 110 EUR (without VAT) (more)

IQ Home sponsored products

IQ Home sponsored products

IQ HOME Universal Gateway A Raspberry Pi based IQRF-Ethernet gateway wich can significantly reduce development time by giving a tested hardware… (more)

More kits

Join the IQRF Smart School program

Joining the IQRF Smart School program is fast, easy and free of charge. Please download the IQRF Alliance Terms and Conditions with the Smart School Amendment. Get these documents signed and send them to We will get the documents signed as well and we will send you further instructions how to register and log in to the IQRF Alliance Member Zone by email.

Download the IQRF Alliance Terms and Conditions with the Smart School Amendment.

Get the documents signed and send them to

Register and log in to the IQRF Alliance Member Zone according to our email instructions.


  • English version: IQRF Alliance Terms and Conditions (DOC/PDF), Smart School Amendment (DOC/PDF)
  • Czech version: Stanovy IQRF Aliance (DOC/PDF), Dodatek pro program Smart School (DOC/PDF)

School projects

Smíchovská SPŠ, Praha – Martin Strouhal (IQRF lamp)

One year ago, in the summer 2014, I first met wireless IQRF modules, and I…

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SPŠ Ječná, Praha – Cortex Challenge 2015

Students of the school participated in the final round of the Cortex Challenge…

View project

More projects



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