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CTI Software joined the IQRF Alliance

20 June 2017

The IQRF Alliance has a new member. Czech company CTI Software has over 20 years of experience in developing software for call centers and IVR, now coming with new solution for IoT.

CTI Software offers a professional solution for creating campaigns with highly effective utilization of operators, who can work anywhere. The company develops a software also for control centers like fire fighters or police forces and other emergency and rescue services. CTI Software has a large data repository not only for archiving the call records.

In the field of Internet of Things, the company offers modern solutions in many areas. Do you need to protect harvested timber? CTI Software can provide you with monitoring of forests or other outdoor environments where it helps to secure you property. A small sensor inside a pile of logs immediately detects any manipulation with the timber. Other system can effectively monitor water levels and alert before floods actually come. You can also protect your heavy machines and construction equipment with CTI Software solutions. These solutions are used by security and emergency agencies from various areas.

We are happy that CTI Software decided to join the IQRF Alliance and we hope that it brings new business opportunities for both CTI Software and members of the Alliance.


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