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EoT conference in Denmark is coming

PUBLISHED: 22 September 2017

FROM: 02 November 2017 TO: 02 November 2017

IQRF Alliance will attend the EoT conference in Denmark. Part of it will be also 50 minute presentation.

One of the industry's desires is for EoT to be an innovative addition to existing trade fairs, which merges conferences, networks and exhibition into a higher, single entity – bound together by a common theme of growth, development and innovation. More about EoT.

The presentation topic is Mesh Networking with IQRF. Overcoming Challenges with mesh networks.

IQRF® is mature wireless technology, proven, reliable, robust, low power and secure.It can be easily integrated into any electronic product. Devices using the same and simple language are fully interoperable. IQRF® enables full local autonomy control and is complementary to standards as cellular, WiFi or Ethernet. IQRF® provides a strong base for vertical IoT solutions. Thanks to many years of development Microrisc and its spin-off IQRF Tech have been able to overcome many of the challenges connected with mesh networking, providing the designers with an easy to integrate ecosystem of RF products and solutions to operate in WPAN, WNAN and WLAN networks.

Presentation date: 2nd November - 10:00 - 10:50

Where: Herning, Denmark


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